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What are garment covers?

Garment covers are the most economical way to protect your laundry during storage or transit. Usually made out using ultra thin polythene with hanger hole and shaped shoulder. It is highly popular among dry cleaners/laundry companies. Duvet bags are also used for the same purpose.

Where to buy good quality garment covers

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Polybags - garment covers

Garment Covers

Garment covers help to protect your garments during shipment or storage. Lightweight and transparent, poly garment bags are available in versatile sizes e.g.: shirt/suit, dress, and long coat. The top edge features pre-slit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape that fits standard hangers and side-gussets that allow for multiple garments. Packaged on a roll and perforated for easy tear off.

They can also be personalized with your own logo. Polythene garment covers offer a not expensive and long lasting form of advertising you could use. As customers continue to use them for storage and travel, your store name stays in the mind and public eye. Personalized polythene garment covers a modern way of merchandising aid for today's fashion retailer.

Types of Garment Covers

Clear Garment covers on the roll perforated either 36/48/60" are stocked for immediate despatch and boxed individually for in transit protection and storage. Customer specific perforation lengths can usually be manufactured in a matter of days.

  • Roll of 36" long Garment Covers . 'Popular for Shirt/Tshirt size'
    650 covers in a roll
    Size: 20" x 24" x 36" - 70 Gauge
  • Roll of 48" long Garment Covers . 'Popular for Suit /Jacket size'
    500 covers in a roll
    Size: 20" x 24" x 48" - 70 Gauge
  • Roll of 60" long Garment Covers . 'Popular for Dress/Coat size'
    400 covers in a roll
    Size: 20" x 24" x 60" - 70 Gauge

Advantages of Garment Covers

Garment bags are great for packing your clothes for a long trip, and preventing unwanted wrinkling. Garment bags are also perfect for keeping your clothes neat and presentable for when you have an important date or meeting.

  • Water resistant
  • Thinner and Lighter saves material and money
  • Good Clarity
  • Good strength
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Inexpensive

Laundry bags

Poly laundry bags, also known as laundry poly bags or plastic garment bags, have different uses in many industries. The typical consumer is familiar with poly laundry bags from the dry cleaners. In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every shirt, blouse, coat, etc. is transported in a poly laundry bag.

Pallet Covers article

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Garment Film

Protect your clothes with clear garment bags and film. Keep dust off garments by keeping them covered, even in short term storage. Crystal clear, heavy gauge plastic covers that let you easily see what is inside, and the gusseted style helps them fit better over bulky items.